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Portugal has had a long and complicated history changing state from Country to County, Province to Republic several times in its History before it became the Country it is today.

During the 15th and 16th Centuries Portugal was a Global Super Power, earning wealth from its colonies in South America, Africa and Asia. However, Portugal's geo-political power came to a swift end following a devastating earthquake in 1755. The Earthquake destroyed most of its Capital City, Lisbon.

Following the Earthquake of 1755 Portugal was occupied by Napoleans Armies during the Napeleonic wars. Then, inflicting further damage to Portugese power and prosperity Brazil, its largest colony, claimed independence. An economic downfall ensued.

In 1910 the Monarchy was deposed and an authoritarian regime established that ruled Portugal for over 6 decades. However, the weight of authoritarianism was lifted from the Portugese people when a left wing military coup overthrew the goverment and established democratic rule.

Portugal was a founding member of NATO and joined the EC, now the EU, in 1986. Portugal adopted the European currency in 2002.

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