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Car Hire Belgium - Belgium in Brief

Belgium is a federal country with three official languages and and intense regional rivalry. In contrast to it's reputation of being rather dull, Belgium has a cultural diversity to rival that of many of it's bigger neighbours. It's population of around 10 million is divided between the northern Flemish-speaking Flemings and the southern French speaking Walloons. In addition to Flemish and French, German is Belgium's third official language, most Belgians also speak English.

The north and south of Belgium are visually very different, marking the middle of the two is the capital of Belgium - Brussels. Brussels is a culturally different city at the heart of the European Union. It is a city for Eurocrats and tourists alike. With it's rich artistry, graceful architecture, Brussels is an heirloom to northern culture at it's best.

Belgium is the centre of activity for the European Parliament giving it an overwhelming diplomatic presence yet it retains it's charming character and has many attractions including the Ancient Art Museum and Modern Art Museum, the Cathédrale des Sts Michel & Gudule is a splendid twin towered cathedral named after Brussels' male and female patron saints. The Grand Place is Brussels' magnificent central square and boasts the finest baroque guildhalls and popular pavement cafes and intimate restaurants.

Antwerp is Belgium's most underrated tourist destination, few place mix the old and the new in such an attractive way. Here eclectic Art Nouveau mansions stare back at Neo-Renaissance villas and medieval castles provide a magical backdrop for for the city's myriad bars and cafes.

Belgium's most visited city is Bruges, it's home to Europe's best preserved medieval buildings. The 13th-century city has two medieval cores, the Markt and the Burg and some of the countries most compelling art collections. The whole historic centre of Bruges was added to Unesco's World Heritage List in 2000, and in 2002 became the European City of Culture.

When in Belgium you're unlikely to experience any extremes in weather. April to September is the warmest time, but be prepared for gray skies and a good chance of rain no matter what time of year you go.

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