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Car Hire Canada - Canada in Brief

Canada is a massively vast country. It stretches from the Atlantic to the Pacific and from the latitude of Rome to beyond the Magnetic North Pole. Canada's landscape is as varied as it's people. It's varied landscapes include the Rocky Mountain lakes and peaks, the endless forests and and prairie wheat fields as well as some more surprising landscapes such as a rainforest and desert which lie close together in the south-west corner of the country, while in the east you can find fjords and lush green orchards. What's more, the majority of Canada is unspoiled with around ninety percent of the country's 32 million population living within 100 miles of the US border.

Over the years Canada has attracted many immigrants, and in addition to the countries native people, provides the country with the wide range of cultures it has today. However, unlike it's southern neighbour where citizens of the USA are encouraged to perceive themselves as Americans, Canadian's multicultural approach does more to acknowledge the origins of it's people, which creates more of a ethnic mosaic as opposed to America's "melting pot". Alongside the French and British majority of Canada's population there are a host of communities living by the traditional ways of their homelands - Chinese, Ukrainians, Portuguese, Indians, Dutch, Polish, Greek and Spanish, are just the most numerous. For the visitor, this mix results from the country's exemplary tolerance is an exhilarating experience, offering such widely different environments such as Vancouver's huge Chinatown and the austere religious enclaves of Manitoba.

You'll find there's a distinctive feel to Canada, whilst some towns may have a feeling of bit a touch too regulated and a little unspontaneous, but against this there's the overwhelming sense of Canadian pride in their history and pleasure in the beauty of their land. Canada's embraces it's own cliches with an energy that's irresistible, promoting everything from the Calgary Stampede to maple-syrup festivals and lumberjacking contests with an extraordinary zeal and openness.

With it's history, people, landscapes and natural beauty, Canada's well known cities, attractions and parks make the country a wonderful destination no matter what type of trip you're looking for. But just make sure to go off the beaten track and explore some of the lesser traveled areas.

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