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Car Hire Norway - Norway in Brief

Norway has many sides to its wonderful character, mountains, fjords and glaciers all await you on your travels around this unspoiled location. Even the cities are uderstated, no brash, loudness about them at all. History abounds and before long you will no doubt come accross a Viking ship and go back in time to charming fishing villages unchanged by the passing of time.

If you have never been to Norway before then you could be forgiven for thinking that all you will see is icy mountains and all you will need is a huge coat! but the temperate south can bring some surprises with rolling farmlands, lovely forests and even sunny beaches.

In the very far north, above the Arctic Circle another world beckons you where the population drops and so does the temperature. The more adventurous traveller can go still farther north to the Svalbard Archipelago to see Polar Bears sunbathing on the ice floes. A must for keen photographers.

Norway Facts & Figures

Area: 324,220 sq km
Population: 4.54 million
Capital City: Oslo (pop 508,730)
People: 97% Nordic, Alpine & Baltic, with a Sami minority
Language: Norwegian Bokmål, Norwegian Nynorsk, Northern Sami
Religion: Christian (86.3% Evangelical Lutheran)
Government: Constitutional Monarchy

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