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Car Hire Spain - Spain in Brief

We offer a wide range of pick up locations in Spain at low prices, in order to get a quote for car hire in spain please fill in your details using the menu on your left. To learn more about spain and the places you can see when you have hired your car please continue to read below.

Spain has long been a popular tourist destination for Europeans, especially the British and it's easy to see why. Spain has the popular holiday costas, historic cities with narrow twisting streets opening out onto views of daring modern architecture, while spit-and-sawdust bars rub shoulders with blaring, glaring discos. Spain's diversity is immense, there are endless tracts of wild and crinkled sierra to explore, as well as some spectacularly rugged stretches of coast between the some of the best beaches in Europe.

Culturally, Spain has almost everything from superb old buildings such as ancient Roman aquaducts to Gothic cathedrals, Moorish monuments of Andalucia and castles in almost every other town. Add this to plenty of bars and clubs especially in Barcelona and the capital Madrid and the many tourist resorts, there really is something for everyone in Spain. If that doesn't appeal then maybe the daily fiestas or various tapas bars might take your fancy.

Over the recent decades the most significant change in Spain has been the creation of seventeen autonomias - autonomous regions - with their own governments, budgets and cultural ministries. The old days of a unified country run from Madrid are long gone as the separate kingdoms that made up the original Spanish state reassert themselves. All the differences are evident wherever you look: in the language, culture, landscapes and cityscapes, and in attitudes and politics.

The citys are above all completely individual, Barcelona for many has the edge; with it's modernista architecture and all the designer clubs and, not least, Barça - the city's football team. Not far behind however is Madrid, although not as pretty, claims just as many devotees. It has a vibrancy that is reflected in it's many bars and summer terrazas. In addition, Madrid is home to three of the world's finest art museums. Then there's Sevilla, home of the flamenco and all the cliches of southern Spain, finally Valencia with an arts scene and nightlife to rival any European city.

One of Spain's greatest draws is undeniably it's beaches and even these come with much more variety than you would be led to believe from the holiday brochures. Long tracts of coastline - particularly along the Costa del Sol - have been developed into concrete hotel and villa complexes, but delightful pockets remain even on the big tourist costas.

Ibiza, out on the Balearic Islands, whilst probably best known for the hedonistic all-night raves and parities in the many clubs and bars around the island, is also an attractive island with plenty of beautiful country side to see away from Ibiza Town.

Wherever you are in Spain you won't fail to notice the Spaniards infectious enthusiasm for life, weather it be in the cities where there is always something happening in a bar, a club or even on the streets, especially at fiesta times. Even in out of the way places there can be a surprising amount of nightlife entertainment, not to mention the daily pleasures of a round or two of tapas.

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