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Car Hire USA - USA in Brief

The USA has for centuries been the place of dreams for travelers from around the world. For the earliest pioneers saw the virgin wilderness ready to be shaped into the "New World". Millions of immigrants followed to share in the building of a new nation and make their own lives better, far from their homeland societies of Europe and Asia.

Every visitor to the USA has an idea of what to expect, the country has been appeared on so many film and TV shows through the years, it can be great to actually see the masses of yellow cabs in the busy cities and the roadside mailboxes on tree lined suburban streets, the endless highways dotted with pickup trucks and chrome diners, or even the first sight of the grand canyon or the Manhattan skyline with your own eyes for the first time. Having said that, the USA is a country that can still surprise you too.

Because of the sheer size of the country, getting around takes some planning. Flights are the obvious, and quickest way to travel long distances but can be costly. Despite the railroad playing a vital part in America during the 'Wild West' period, there are few rail services nowadays. The best way to get around is by car, whilst traveling long distances may take a while, it can be the most enjoyable way to get about. Many worthwhile attractions are located away from the towns and cities where public transport often doesn't reach. Cities themselves are often so big and so car oriented that getting from one end to another with out a car can by extremely difficult.

There are so many things to see and do in the USA, it would be near impossible to list everything here. However below is a selected list of some of the must see sights and attractions across America:

  • Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming
    This is the park that has it all, from steaming hot springs and spouting geysers to sheer canyons and meadows filled with wild flowers and a variety of grazing beasts.
  • Driving Highway 1
    The road that follows the rugged Big Sur coastline. This is the best way to drive from San Francisco to Los Angeles, at many times you'll find yourself right on the cliff edge.
  • Skiing in the Rocky Mountains
    The site of some of the best skiing anyway in the world, from glitzy resorts to atmospheric mining towns.
  • Monument Valley
    The classic Wild-West landscape of stark sandstone buttes and forbidding pinnacles of rock, poking from an endless expanse of drifting red sands. Made famous by John Ford's many western films, it stretches from Arizona to Utah.
  • Country Music Hall of Fame, Tennessee
    For everything you ever wanted to know about country music. Explained in loving detail by fans and experts.
  • Aurora Borealis, Alaska
    The winter skies light up over Alaska with the spectacular natural Northern Lights.

The USA is spread over four time zones, plus one for both Alaska and Hawaii. The Eastern zone is five hours behind GMT, so 10am London time is 5am in New York City. The Central zone starting approximately around Chicago and spreading across to Texas and the Great Plains is an hour behind the east. The Mountain zone covers the Rocky Mountains and most of the Southwest and is two hours behind the east coast. The Pacific zone covers the three west coastal states and Nevada and is three hours behind the east coast. Alaska and Hawaii is two hours behind the Pacific coast.

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